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Team Effort: Snickers Ads

I’ll tell you what, this was an interesting shoot. A few of us rounded up a couple athletic guys, grabbed some pro NFL gear, stocked a snack bar with anything the Snickers ad company was affiliated with, and got to work.

Well, that part actually took a few days. There was also a lot of preparation and planning back and forth. Somewhere I have a bunch of images of random college guys posing for impromptu casting. By that, I mean, I pulled over and asked as they were in the middle of a pick-up football game to flex, then give me their contact info with their measurements included.

I didn’t have the worst part of this job.

I will say, not everything went smoothly, but it was a great shoot and I loved seeing the end result. It was also a pretty big ad in the NYTimes…or Washington Post?…maybe both.